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According to Jasay, this widely accepted view of property rights, proclaimed even by such staunch defenders of freedom as Armen Alchian, implicitly conveys that property is held at society’s pleasure, by its grace and favor.Society can withdraw any or all of the detachable “rights” to property just as it has conferred them.The first of the two sources of obligation is widely accepted.But in Jasay’s framework the second is crucial as well.He holds with Hume that property originates in finding, is transferred by consent, and is antecedent to society or the state; it is a freedom.He attacks the conventional view that property is a “right,” let alone a “bundle” of detachable rights conferred by some collective decision, with the state carrying out the matching obligation of enforcing the right.

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Although the British Moralists often sought to refute Hobbes, the themes he initiated persist to the present day.Using the first concept, it is incongruous to think of property in the context of distributive justice; using the second, however, such an understanding comes naturally.

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