Who is ewan mcgregor dating

21-Jun-2017 18:19

The television series of the two marathon journeys - broadcast on the BBC - became a worldwide hit.

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If it didn't make a whole lot of news, that's part of the problem.

In 2004 Mc Gregor and his best friend Charley Boorman travelled from London to New York in their 22,000 mile The Long Way Round trip.

They followed it up with another epic journey, The Long Way Down, from John O'Groats to the southernmost point in South Africa.

It's not about being outraged, looking to be offended, or a wave of political correctness washing over the smallest moments and making demands, for all of those happen way too much, taking away from when they are truly necessary. In that sense he's the perfect sportsman for this era, a representation of much of modern society.

It's simply about doing the right thing and, if you fail to do that the first time, it's about making amends. There's a theory out there that, when it comes to holding Mc Gregor accountable, it's some sort of effort to get up onto the moral high ground. Instead it's that the promotion of such rhetoric means that those standing where basic decency used to be have seen the ground collapse from underneath them, and are left peering down.

That's the true meaning of snowflake, that learnt term that is seemingly a shield from all moral arrows.

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